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A company founded on precision

Aspec Precision was founded in 1989 by two engineers—Michael and Colin—who had met working in the Tube Investments Group Research Laboratory at Hinxton Hall, which had closed the previous year. The business began in Pampisford, using conventional machines purchased from the Tube Investments Group, in a modest factory situated next to a leather manufacturer… creating a unique working environment!

In the early 1990s the company purchased its first CNC milling centre, then a very early Bridgeport model. The technology was still a work in progress, and the machine had to be replaced twice.  The first CNC lathe was added in 1995.

Throughout its history, Aspec has made its reputation on the basis of the accuracy of its machining and the minute detail of its quality-control and inspection procedures. It has gradually built up a team of long-serving engineers—some of whom learnt their trade with us and some of whom came from elsewhere—all of whom are dedicated to the highest standards.

In addition to our fantastic team of engineers, Aspec has also historically invested in the best equipment, regularly adding machines to both our milling and turning operations in order to ensure the best parts.

Our group

Since 2018, Aspec Precision has been part of an emerging group of engineering companies—the CTN Group—that also incorporates a full-service turning and milling facility in Kent, a mass-production operation in Basingstoke, and two AS9100-accredited operations in Eastleigh and Norwich.  These other companies complement the services that Aspec itself can provide, and in some cases we can seamlessly work together on the same jobs.

Please get in touch to see how we or one of the other companies in the Group can best help you with your engineering needs.


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